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We’re building social features that accelerate you and centered around your lifestyle, make meaningful connections, and discover exciting content on a platform that is built specifically for you!

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    A place where people with different backgrounds but similar circumstances can engage, inspire and deliver value through digital social experiences.

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    Get RainDrop partners with Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans, Health Systems, CBO’s, Public Benefit Corporations​ and digital health companies who want to provide their members with cutting edge tools to engage and reduce ​Social Determinants of Health. ​

    About Us

    Our Mission

    Get RainDrop builds social impact technology ​that allows our members to enhance ​their life and well-being while ​eliminating daily choices. ​

    Our Vision

    Human life depends on rain and we are here to do our part in sprouting a healthier community. Many Americans live day to day ​and are impacted by a variety of factors that include food insecurity, ​financial instability, housing and transportation. Low-income​ families have often been overlooked by the advancement of technology. ​ We believe that all families should be on an equal playing field and through the​ use of tech-enabled services we can close the gap where every American can flourish. We will strive to become healthier, community by community, by reducing the disparities ​caused by differences in income, food, education and other factors.

    “Celebrate the rain; it only means that the sun shall shine bigger and brighter than ever.”


    “A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener. ”

    Henry David Thoreau